Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Light Bearer - Lapsus

Sounds wise, it seems like this is the continuation of the last album of the UK-based vegan-atheist Fall of Efrafa - Inle, and probably could've tag this with post-hardcore too, or maybe they will fall under sludge or post-metal genre. Musically, Lapsus reminds me of Envy, Sigur Ros, early Baroness, Red Sparrowes, Mouth of the Architect, Amenra, and Cult of Luna. Two members of the FoE, Alex and Lee, are part of this atheist or anti-theist new  band, and just like FOE, Light Bearer and Lapsus are a concept. But this time, instead of conferring about talking hares and bunnies fighting each other (Watership Down), they offer something traditional and interesting, Lucifer. Light Bearer, according to Wikipedia, is the literal translation of Lucifer. And yes, “Lucifer is the first freethinker” and the purveyor of intelligence and free will. And just like FoE, Light Bearer is a “book band” and the concepts are flowing around the book “Paradise Lost” by John Milton, “His Dark Materials” by Philip Pullman, and the book of Genesis that was written by the non-existing lord Jesus himself and the almighty ghost writer. And Lapsus is the first offering of the band and the other album will be named as Silver Tongue, Magisterium, and Lattermost Sword.

I am a huge fan of FoE, from the neo-crust Owsla, to the experimental three 20-minutes something songs Elil, and to the post-hardcore and final album Inle. But personally, I can say that I like this one better than the FoE.

  1. Beyond The Infinite
  2. Primum Movens
  3. Armoury Choir
  4. The Metatron
  5. Prelapsus
  6. Lapsus 


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