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fuck work!

Sorry for the lack of update!Been into numerous personal issues in the past weeks, but all is well now. I have a new job. Will update this blog very soon, still have some old and unreleased interviews that is worth reading. And most importantly, i'm planning to do a physical format of this shit So keep your dirty finger crossed and your sinful eyes peeled. Still, KILL YOUR BOSS!!!

current playlist:
Pisschrist -Victims of Death
DEAD - Tour Demo
The Beauty of Doubt 

also, the new issue of Konspirazine and Real Tight Crew zine makes my pants wet! It is highly recommended, so you better grab your copy.      

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

If Zines Could Talk (DIYPINOYHCPUNK Zine Convention, Punk Bazaar, and Veggie Fest)

This is the last installment of the month long DIYPINOYHCPUNK "This IS Not A Punk Show" celebration. hopefully, this event will inspire to roll out a "physical zine" again. It's been years since the last time I fold a photocopied cut n' paste paper. Fortunately, there are still fanzines left in the wild, such as I Remember Halloween, Real Tight Crew, Konspira Zine, Incidental Afterthought, Aspire, Beleive, and few more.  

Nowadays, it’s pretty rare to find a print zine without an online presence (or should i say e-zine, like this one?), but still, printed zine or tangible object are far more valuable. Aside from zines, five of my fave bands will be playing. Its expected to see a Guerra Mundial to hit the stage laughing while banging the night with their unique "DIS" tune. Malolos pop punkers The diary Of The Old Mango Tree reminds of me some 90's skate punk band. Ginseng will definitely treat you with their post-punk tune. This will be the final show of Shirley Steinberg, they remind me of some Ebullution-styled hardcore - a good mix of technical hardcore and melodic breakdowns. Hope to see Monochrome close the show, I mean their songs fits perfectly to end a show, and all you have to do is to stand or sit listen, watch , and be amaze. To those uninitiated, Monochrome is a post-rock band with solid Mono / This Will Destroy You backbone.

More details about the event posted here.   

Admission to this event is free with awesome veggie goodness.

Pygmy Lush - Old Friends
Earth - Angels of Darkness, Demons Of Light 1
From The Depths / Next Victim  split

Monday, April 11, 2011

All Day Hell

Another old interview, All Day Hell in an anarcho hardcore punk from Poland. their tunes remind me of some neocrust bands, such as Tragedy, HHIG, and Catharsis - melodic, crust, and dark as fucking hell. I've met Mike via Myspace and this interview was conducted through series of email exchanges. just like the previous interview posts, this is kinda old, but still worth checkin.. The recently released a split 7 with Panacea under In Our Hands record.  you can also download their self titled EP on the download link posted below. So here's the interview... 

BTW: Thanks Mike for answering this interview, and check your mail mate :D  
TOGC: Please introduce the band... And could you please tell us something about your life and the rest of the members.

ALL DAY HELL was formed in 2005. From the beginning only one member had been changed- our bass player. In 2005-2006 Kuba played with us. Since 2006 Pieczara is our bass player. So now ALL DAY HELL crew is ZBYCHO – guitar; Kamil – guitar; JANEK – vox.; MIKE – drum; and PIECZARA – bass; To cut the long story short, I can say that apart from being drummer in All Day Hell band I play also in two other bands from our city (these bands are: Czas Złamać Prawo- in english it means 'It's time to break the law; and second one calls Life Scars), I create 'Choice is ours' zine, which 3rd issue will be published, I hope,in nearest future. with Zbych and other friends we organise diy/punx/hc gigs at 'Zakazny' squat (in english 'Zakazny' means 'Contageous') where at times we organise also workshops and lectures, and in winter we make Food not Bombs action. 'Zakazny' squat is a place, which we create from the very beginning, which we look after in many cases (e.g. parties, renovating, redecorating), and we feel really responsible for it. We put great part of our energy in this place and in events connected with this place. In addition, I can say that I've just finished one of my studies at university and I continue second major and from this academic year I'm starting part time job as windsurfing and skiing instructor.

TOGC: one of the lines that makes me a little confuse on one of your song is; "your bodies do
not belong to you, your time is just a commodity, your souls belong to god, against whom reason rebels" (from the song All Day Hell), Where did those lyrics came from, and what do you mean by that? What are your thoughts about god(s) and religious matters?

This is Kamil's lyric so he knows answer to this question best.

Kamil: The lyrics is generally about alienated work in the capitalist reality, which is just another name for slavery – the state in which it is the people you work for decide about what you should do with your time, where you should go and how you should behave there, as if you were some kind of a puppet whose body belonged to its master. When you work you exchange your time for products you need, the time you spend at your workplace becomes a commodity. The products you buy are dead objects and the time you spend at work to be able to buy them is also dead. In this lyrics God appears only in its symbolic meaning, as someone who is in power; it is a metaphysical image of a boss, king, landlord, policeman – whom we are taught to respect despite the fact that our reason and intuition tells us that they are our worst enemies, who have never acted to our benefit. What i think about god and religion should be obvious from what i have already said.

TOGC: Obviously, All Day Hell is a very angry band... where were you coming from lyrically? what makes/keeps you anger?

Inspirations to my lyrics are my own observations, my thoughts, reflections about
topics like relationships between people, local problems, and global problems like ecological issues and terrorism. During Writing lyrics I try not to repeat topics that were used by many other bands years ago, but sometimes it turns out that lyrics that bands were singing let's say 10 years ago is dead right and such topic is still current and from that time nothing has changed. Seeing that it is hard to not say something about ecology or environmental degradations for example.

TOGC: The other day, you told me through email regarding the anarchist headquarter in your area, the "squat zakazny".. So how this squat / projects works? Also I want to ask the collective’s goals and plans that they want to / planning to achieve in this squat/community center. What activities and projects accomplished into that building? And how do bourgeois react into the area? How’s the squat scene there in general?

Yes, 'Zakazny' Squat is very important place for us and time spent there and actions that we make are very important part of our life and great body of knowledge. Squat 'Zakazny' is a part of buildings that used to belong to old hospital. We squatted it in 2005 and then after half a year we had an appointment with owner and as a result our existence and activity at 'Zakazny' from that time is legal. We planned to live at our squat, but it is hard to do so nobody lives there because of lack of running water, gas, electricity, street lamps, fences around the building etc. So this place works as a D.I.Y centre of independent culture, in which apart from gigs (usually we have 1-2 gigs per month) we organise workshops and lectures connected with such problems as human rights, vegetarianism, fair trade, etc. In winter in our kitchen we prepare meal for FOOD NOT BOMBS action. We created library and we have there books and independent press. We had freeshop, but it doesn't work anymore. Both of this initiatives have met little interest of people that are not connected with our squat. For some time we had been organised with our friends Critical Mass, which at the beginning had many enthusiastic, but it was getting less in some time, especially in winter. And now few words about squat scene in Poland. Actually there is 8 squats, some of them is legal, some of them are not. The oldest one exsist in Poznan and it's ROZBRAT squat that this year has it's 14th birthday! From the beginning it's illegal. Actually there is eagerness time and waiting because of planning investment. More information you can find on Rozbrat's website. (http://www. rozbrat. org)

TOGC: Poverty, mass hunger, government’s over use of power, human and animal atrocities, racism and speciesm, war, global warming, globalization,(and so fucking more)… What can you say about the current state of the world today?

Well, this state is an effect of human's destructive activities that is getting intensified recently. That's the limit and it leads to destruction of natural harmony. Moreover, these times we can call THE AGE OF CONSUMPTION, which rarely go hand in hand with wise consumption and effects of this fact seem to get worst world's situation. Among other things about this fact tells one of songs that we have recorded recently - 'Eco Protest Song'. Other noticeable problem that seems to be result of culture of consumption, quick flow of information and easy access to information and all sort of media is lack of responsibility and consciousness. We can see it in young generation that grows up among promotion slogans, agressive marketing or TV stations like MTV. About this problem tells another our song that was recorded recently - 'Downfall Civilisation'. There is still many problems connected with globalization, which is hard to understand and people don't consider it. Especially now, people living at fast pace are satisfied with quick answers that receive from TV and such information shows only one side of the coin, like for example a problem of terrorism. Among other things about this problem tells our 'Echoes of War' song that comes from our the only one released album.

TOGC: What’s up with the upcoming record? How’s the production of the new record coming along?

In the end of August 2008 (TOGC: I told you that this is an old interview) we recorded some new songs that are going to come out as split CD with the band of our friends. When we go back from the tour we have to have done mixtapes and mastering and all the things connected with releasing our records.

TOGC: what’s up with the upcoming record? how’s the production of the new record coming along?

In the end of August 2008 we recorded some new songs that are going to come out as split CD with the band of our friends. When we go back from the tour we have to have done mixtapes and mastering and all the things connected with releasing our records.

TOGC: Please give us a list of bands, zines, projects, and groups/collectives in Poland that could be useful in the hardcorepunk community.

Huh, it would be very very much if I wrote at length about each project. Below I take you links to more general websites, which contains many links to individual people, bands, initiatives, squats and so on.- www. zakazny. 110mb. com- it's our squat's website, but for the moment it's only in polish. -at our myspace profile (myspace. com/alldayhellpunk) you can find links to Rozbrat's profiles and here you have link to their website http://www. rozbrat. org/, you can contact them regarding gigs or other initiatives from Poznań; you can find also in "top friends" links to CRK-Wrocław profile and CKN-Gliwice profile this like Rozbrat's profile, are very useful contacts. - http://elba. bzzz. net/ - this is website of Elba Squat from Warsaw, also works in resilient way. I think that there should be also contact to squatters.- http://www. squat. net/pl/index. html- it's link to Częstochowa- 'Elektromadonna' squat; - http://www. myspace. com/diydziura- this links is to initiatives from Węgrów and Siedlce that also can help with organising gigs etc- www. lublinattack. prv. pl - it's link to Lublin crew, we have friends there, that works resiliently since many years. They are involved in many initiatives, at their website you can find links to people and bands from Lublin and district and there should be some contact. And in short it will be all. If you need help with any cases contact me and I will try to help you or give you some accurate bearings.

TOGC: Since some of the members also plays in other band, knifes in the leg,- isn't this a problem? I mean, time, priorities and budget for the bands...

Yes it is. For most of us All Day Hell isn't the only one band that we played in. But I think that for the most part it is the most important one. Zbycho and I play in CZAS ZŁAMAĆ PRAWO (in english 'It's Time to Break the Law') - it's political anarcho-trash/punk; you can check this band out on All Day Hell profile in 'top friends'. I play also in LIFE SCARS band (garage-crust-punk; for the moment we have no recorded songs). Both of these projects are the bands from our city. Kamil that isn't from Biała Podlaska, but from small town situated 20 km from our city lives recently in Warsaw (170km from Biała Podlaska). Apart from ADH he plays also in Knife In The Leg and not so long time ago he started playing in The Fight band from Warsaw and also in 2 other bands. So the main difficulty is limited Kamil's time. He have to share his free time to rehearsals with few bands from different cities. So we can't make rehearsals as frequent as we want to. But when Kamil has an opportunity to come to Biała Podlaska we have rehearsal and from time to time we do it without him. But rehearsals without one guitar is rarity. With budget it's like that- if sometimes we receive more money from the gig, the money goes for Kamil, money from our distro goes also for Kamil. To lower the cost we use the way to get somewhere hitchhiking.

TOGC: Nazi movement over powered Poland way back WW2. So now, do you still have this fascist and racism problem there?

Yes, unfortunately. There are still some people for whom tragedies that are an effect of Nazism connected with 2nd World War are not an argument to put an end with this shitty ideology once and for all and don't allow to repeat such problems anywhere, anytime and in any way. In Poland there are still problems with Nazi assholes. But it doesn't touch all cities luckily. In our city we have minimal manifestation of such rubbish. But there are cities where problems with Nazi are still serious. But there are people from ANTIFA groups and similar initiatives that we support. They fight fascism at different levels.

TOGC: Please tell us something about the recent tour!!!

So from 1 September to 14 September we have first tour in history of our band. We have played 13 gigs (1 day off) in such countries as Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Poland, Germany and the Czech Republic. In every city we have met with warm reception. I think that during every gig people enjoyed our music. We have met many interesting people, we had an opportunity to play with many great bands. Especially good we remember gig in Latavian Preili, where our gig was the first hc/punk gig in history of this city! It's for us great honour ;) We hope that it will be a spark that will begin real revolution in this city. Apart from that we remember very nice gigs in Roznov (the Czech Republic), Kraków and of course in all cities. I think that we haven't any weak gigs. Oh, maybe 1;) I would like to thank organizers, people that give us food, people that gave us a place to sleep, bands that we had opportunity to play with and all the people that came to see our gig! THANX! These 14 days will be always in our memory!;)

TOGC: The interview has come to end. Now you can say something whatever you want!Any message to the readers? Thanks Mike for answering this questions! Be safe!

Hey Raymond! Thanx for interests, and for the interview! Good luck with d.i.y. punk/hc activity on Philippines! Support D.I.Y. movement! TAKE CARE!

Contact All Day Hell here (band's MySpace page) 

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DEAD Southeast Asia Tour 2011 (May 14th and 15th Manila)

Two piece Aussie punk / doom sludgers DEAD along with ONION (solo experimental magician) DEAD will be visiting Philippines on the 14th and 15th of May. Below is the download link of their demo,I strongly recommended you go and get this. If you are into doom, heavy, and dark metal stuff, then you know what to do; mark your calendar folks..

DEAD demo here   

Saturday, April 9, 2011

DIY Art Discussion with Pilipinas Street Plan

This is part of a 4 week "This Is not A Punk Show" event of the DIYPINOYHCPUNK. The infamous Pilipinas Street Plan - whose work can be seen all over the Manila -  will participate in the event, so, if you are into what pasting, graffiti art, sticker bomb, street art, then you know what to do. Just head to Kalye Art Gallery and participate in the discussion. there'll be a how-to, tip tricks, and a lot more.. Of course, some HC punk bands...