Saturday, March 12, 2011

Sauna - Deeper it Goes [CD]

Oh my fucking dead god! So many of us have been waiting for this for so long, and as expected, this is a MASTERPIECE! “Deeper It Goes” is filled with multiple emotions, raging intensity, overflowing of creativity and ultimate layer of uniqueness. The song “Bright eyes”, “”Achilles Heart”, and “Empty is Your Name” are very jaw dropping. Compare to their previous releases, Bystorm/Sauna split cd, Hell Heart EP, “Deeper It Goes” is much better in terms of sound quality and creativity. This Batangas-based hardcore kids are often compared to the great Boston-based band Converge. But definitely they’re not going in a Converge direction; they have their own unique style and sound that will definitely makes you go berzerk on the mosh pit. The song “Deeper’, “Expire” and “Wound Closure” will drown you with bitterness and sorrow that is injected on their music and lyrics. 12 tracks of blood shedding song that really pumps the blood out of me. The best record of the year!!! 

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