Saturday, March 12, 2011

V/A Deep Impact־Run For Your Life Vol#3 CDr

Already the third volume of the Northern Territory international HCpunk compilation series. And I am glad that Dyey (NTR) did because this is a great record with some great bands and of course it is always nice to hear bands for the first time. 6 bands, 24 tracks, and 45 minutes of international HCpunk. This as a compilation of all female/female fronted HCpunk bands. LYCANTHROPHY (Czech Republic) is first on the lists; they’ll take you down with 5 furious all go-no slow tracks. LYCANTROPHY plays raw grind/minecore with screeching vocal delivery and scary-male-back up vocals. Second on the line is Theax (Phil.), an all female HC band. They donated 2 original songs and cover song from Walls of Jericho style breakdowns. M.E.S.S (Israel) hit the third spot, contributing 4 songs. M.E.S.S is a thrashy/metal HCpunk with extreme female vocals which remind me of the great band Romantic Gorilla. TOXIC ORGASM (Phil-Cebu) is next, they are an up-tempo hc/punkrock formation, 5 song of politically powered music.  SIREN (Netherlands) plays solid old-school HC punk with a lot of tempo changes. Siren is an all female band.  SAMOK ESTADO (Phi-Manila) ends with their own brand of D-beat HC. 3 songs of dis-core taken from their live recorded demo cd. The highlights for me are LYCANTROPHY and M.E.S.S. They are so fucking great. The other 4 bands also doing great. But the said two bands really stand out for me. All in all, this is a really good release. Guaranteed to beat those macho-sexist-chauvinists in the pit.  

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